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Can gap tho TCN (1500 tuan ) New Mexico , NM

Date: August 05, 2022 | Post ID: 118094 | View(Luoc Xem): 11 times

Tiem nam Trong khu DU LICH , Khach walk in quanh nam .Dang can gap nhieu tho TCN , biet bot cang tot, income TCN tu 1500 tuan up tuan , tho lam everything tu 1800 tuan up, tip Cao , Khach Trang 100%. Khach sang ,…chu co phòng Cho tho o xa , co nhan VC ,a c that long pls dt hay text message Cho em thanks Phone work 858 500 2777 gap tina

Name: Tina

Phone Number: (858) 500-2777

Sang Tiem Nail trong Mall ,lon nhat Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO ($125k) Albuquerque, NM

Date: June 10, 2022 | Post ID: 117131 | View(Luoc Xem): 139 times

Tiem dep va sang co 9 ban nail,7 ghe spa. Co may say, may giat. Co phong wax,co phong facial and eyelash. Co phong an ,co ho ca. Tiem rat dong khach, tien rent re ,lease 4 years. Gio mo cua 10am-7pm(Last customers) Khi hau rat tot ,nha hang Viet Nam rat nhieu. Nails supply rat lon. Nail Pro inside Cottonwood Mall 10000 Coors Bypass NW ,E7 ABQ NM 87114 Cam on

Name: Tommy/Lyly

Phone Number: (914) 434-2452

Sang tiem trong Walmart Albuquerque ($60,000) Albuquerque , NM

Date: April 28, 2022 | Post ID: 116427 | View(Luoc Xem): 66 times

Can Sang tiem Nails $60,000 Tiem trong Super Walmart ngay trung tam Thanh pho Albuquerque . Gia cao co income & Khach de dang hiem lanh Rent included utilities 6 ghe spa pedicure chair 8 ban nails Waxing All supply Xin lien lac :505-620-3826 ( Xuan or Diane )

Name: Diane (

Phone Number: (505) 620-3826

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